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New to Pilates ? 
New to our studio ? 



If you are new to pilates- buckle up this is going to be amazing. Pilates is a series of exercises and a method of moving and breathing that will restore your nervous system while stretching and strengthening your muscles.  You won't feel the burn but you may feel some slight soreness, just to let you know what's working.

If you are new to our studio and trying to figure out our vibe- we are a laid back, chill kind of studio.  No loud music, mirrors or instructors shouting into headsets.   We stay true to Joseph Pilates visions and method but we conform the exercises to the person in front of us.  We meet you where you are, and help you get to where you want to go.  If you want to be a lifelong learner about movement, you've come to the right place.

First visit ?  Read this

There's a little paperwork and/or conversation before we get started about goals and/or what brings you into the studio.

Let us know about any injuries, health concerns or doctors orders

Wear clothes that are easy to move in, whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Socks are optional, we recommend grippy socks but if you don't have any right now, don't stress, just start moving

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