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Single Session $115

5 Sessions $525

10 Sessions  $1000


Private Sessions are the BEST way to learn pilates and educate your mind and body about your personal movement patterns and any modifications your body might need.

Duet AKA Semi Private

Single session $65 PER PERSON

5 Sessions $300

10 Sessions $550

This is a two person session, two people sign up together and have twice as much fun. The price listed above is for each person  This is a great way to move and connect all at the same time. Talk about efficiency !

Reformer Class

Single class $42

5 classes $200

10 classes $380

Small group classes on the reformer are a great way to deepen your pilates practice. The reformer2 class moves more quickly and has more advanced exercises so please keep that in mind when picking classes.

Virtual and Mat

Single class $25

In response to your heartfelt and persistent requests, mat classes are back in the studio. We still have some limited virtual classes to accommodate students that are unable to make it into the studio.  

Pilates Ring
Pilates Practice at the Studio

Cancellation Policy

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for all our valued clients. Clients can access our online scheduling system 24 hours a day to make changes. By adhering to this policy, we can manage our resources effectively and accommodate the needs of other individuals seeking our services. We appreciate our customers' understanding and cooperation in upholding this policy, which enables us to provide exceptional service to all who entrust us with their reservations.

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