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We have a variety of way to make pilates a apart of your life. 

Private sessions are the most effective way to learn and are tailored specifically for you

Duets or semi privates are two people, it's kinda like a special mini-class for you and a friend.  A workout partner  may help keep you committed

Everyone loves classes and ours are four people or less. Keeping classes small let's us teach to the students in the room instead of running through some form class like at a franchise gym (no names here) 

Virtual classes, sometimes you can't make it into the studio and this is a good option to keep at it.

The best plan is to mix and match, incorporating pilates into your movement plan three times a week.  (yes, three)

Let Us Design a Plan for You

We can help you get started and stay motivated with a mixture of privates and classes, contact us for special pricing.

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